Relationships matter

feelings-based feedback software for stronger workplace relationships — it's feelings at work


Grow as a Leader — You’ll receive ongoing feedback from your team about what it’s like to interact with you

Stronger Relationships — Feelings-based feedback opens the lines of communication between colleagues, bringing them closer together

More Engaged Employees — Positive relationships account for more than half of employee engagement

Higher Profitability — Increases in employee engagement lead to increases in productivity and customer satisfaction, and decreases in turnover

Stronger Culture — We’re not here to tell you what your culture should be, we’re here to help you get the culture you want


Our software installs as an application in your company’s existing Slack™ workplace, via the App Directory

The software guides users through a short, simple process of delivering feedback to colleagues

You control a variety of settings, like when feedback is delivered and how often employees are nudged

Your employees receive insights into themselves. Your administrator receives insights into individuals, relationships and teams.

We can help many kinds of companies, but we are most effective with highly collaborative teams with at least a dozen members


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